Benefits of ICF Construction

When building a new home or any building for that matter, construction costs and operating costs are key players in the type of construction used. For many years conventional stick frame and steel construction have been the leaders in the construction industry.


ICF (insulating concrete forms) construction.

ICF is not new per say it has been around the better part of almost two decades. It has steadily increased as a leader in energy-efficient construction method. Offering up to 50% energy savings compared to wood or steel framing a lot of new home builders are exploring and utilizing this technology to provide their clients with cost savings initially and in the long run.

Being able to offer your clients the peace of mind that their new home is stronger, healthier, longer lasting, quieter and more energy is a great promotional tool. ICF material is made from 100% recycled polypropylene. All of the construction waste during construction is recyclable. ICF buildings offer healthier environments my reducing the total number of materials used in construction which helps reduce that nasty off-gassing some building materials produce.

Built to Last

ICF buildings can withstand extreme weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes. They are also a fire resistant structure, prevent catastrophic building loss in case of fire unlike a wood or steel building. Some insurance companies will even provide a discount to homeowners if they are insuring an ICF building. The inorganic nature of ICF buildings eliminates the possibility of premature deterioration due to insect infestation or rot. The steel reinforcing bar inside the concrete will not even rust thanks to the protective alkaline jacket the concrete provides. Major maintenance and repairs would only need to be done on the interior and exterior finishes. No major renovations would need to be done to an ICF building unlike a stick framed house might need in the case of water damage or mould.


For a safer, stronger, healthier more efficient building consider ICF construction.

ICF buildings are cheaper to build. Increasing building materials cost have made the insulated concrete form system more desirable for builders because the costs stay relatively stable, unlike lumber and steel which can fluctuate several times within a construction season.

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