ICF – Insulated Concrete Forms Case Study

Built To Endure

R.K. Porter’s task at hand: construction with new game-changing material and methods—NUDURA ICF (insulated concrete forms). Forming concrete structures in the past has always been a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Setting-up formwork, shoring, pouring the concrete, removing the form work — which in some cases gets thrown away — and then finishing the interior and exterior of the structure.

With ICF technology, R.K. Porter has been able to build numerous homes and commercial buildings that are better insulated and take less time to build.

With any new construction practice there is a learning stage, R.K. Porter was able to overcome this challenge with the help from the people at NUDURA and its local suppliers.

Ever since the first home was built using NUDURA ICF technology, R.K. Porter has built many more custom homes with full height concrete walls and many commercial buildings — two of which being hotels; the first being the new Best Western in Perth, Ontario.

Designed by Erskine Dredge & Associates Architects Inc. (who have partnered with R.K. Porter on numerous projects) the Clarendon Semis are one of several developments which feature the energy efficient capabilities of ICF construction.

The Clarendon Semis were featured in this article which we invite you to read.

Photo credits:
Erskine Dredge & Associates Architects Inc., Ottawa


Residential - ICF house - interior crossection
Residential - ICF house - interior